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Frequently asked Questions

I've collected the questions my clients have asked me most often. If you can not find an answer to your question, please contact me to get to know you personally!

How long can I start as a buyer after the purchase and sale contract?
It depends on how you can pay. If, at the time of signing a purchase and purchase agreement, you pay the full purchase price in a single purchase, you may receive and take possession of a key to the property.
In all cases, you will receive the key and the right to move to new ownership after full payment, unless otherwise agreed with the seller.

Which additional office administration follows? And who arranges it?
After the signing of the purchase and purchase contract, the overwriting of ownership in the land register. It takes about 2-3 months, but the use of the property is not restricted.
This process is handled by a lawyer.
After the registration of the property right, the Grundamt sends the buyer the payment order from NAV (tax office), which has a payment period of 30 days.

Who receives and pays the lawyer?
It is not a legal requirement, but you choose and pay as usual a lawyer as a buyer. The lawyer prepares the purchase and sale contract, signs it and manages further legal questions and reporting obligations. This practitioner may agree by mutual agreement with the parties.

What exactly does the purchase price include?
The price of the property.

What additional costs do I have to pay when buying and selling?
Cost of the buyer:

  • legal expenses
  • Registration of operating costs
  • land tax

Seller costs:
If the property is acquired within 5 years, you must pay income tax.

Should you grant exclusivity as a seller if you promote my property?
There are three types of contract types from which you can choose:

  • Exclusive: Only with me as an Angi-Immo contract signing. If you sell the property, you still have to pay the commission
  • Semi-exclusive: only with me as an Angi-Immo contract signing, not with another real estate agent, you can advertise and sell the property as owner, you do not have to pay any commission
  • Simple: You can contract with multiple real estate agents, sell yourself, pay only commissions and pay those who actually sold the property.


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