Angi Immo Hévíz-Keszthely-Balaton

Address: 8394 Alsópáhok,
Dózsa Gy. str. 62.


Real estate in Hévíz-Keszthely-West-Balaton

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I have 20 years experience in real estate sales and tourism.

With the background of a highly qualified architectural firm and construction company, I offer luxury homes, family houses, villas, apartment houses, apartments or land in various price categories, sizes and qualities.

I know the geographic features of settlements, the real estate regulations, and last but not least, the knowledge of what people from the area tell me. I know why they enjoy living, living, working and relaxing here.

Hévíz-Keszthely, and a wonderful disc of the western part of Lake Balaton in Hungary, where I can serve all the needs of those who want peace.

I offer on bearable location, residential real estate for sale.

If you trust me to find an ideal property or a buyer, it is good if you know that ....

  • I speak openly about everything because I want to offer you properties that meet your expectations
  • I believe in personal encounters because this is the way to find the most real estate
  • I also take over the administration of the administration work of buying and selling
  • I offer cheap credit lines on request
  • You get full service from me: I will consult with a lawyer, I will go to an insurance office, I will deal with the bank, I will get the necessary documents from the local government
  • I advise you to make good decision
  • I record after buying house and customer care

Do you want to meet me in person?

Please contact me at or call +36302947010.
Or simply send your request via the form.

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